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With a long career in the Funeral Profession, we saw the need for diversity in fun products for our fellow professionals, so we launched Funeral Boss Inc. and now we have hundreds of custom products made just for you!

We take pride in building up and uniting fellow professionals in every stage of their career. Whether you are Aspiring, A Student or Seasoned Veteran you have the right to feel like a Funeral Boss. Why?

Because Our Profession is not easy, caring for the departed & their families can be tough. Perfecting your craft takes time, Pioneering new options is like climbing mountains. But guess what, you got this! Never allow someone to take your confidence or down play your accomplishments. Be proud of your mark in Death Care You earned it!

Explore through our many collections & we are confident you will find something you love.

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Feel free to reach out if you have any questions we would love to hear from you.

Cheers to success,

(Yours & Ours)

The Funeral Boss Team