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In case no ones told you today You are AMAZING!

Funeral Boss Non Profit Foundation

Very pleased to announce the development of the

Funeral Boss Nonprofit Foundation 

Our goal is to Support, Sponsor & Nurture Growth

Our Nonprofit will be dedicated to assisting Mortuary Science Students and Funeral Professionals with the cost of Textbooks , Educational Courses & Events.

Our Angel fund will be dedicated to assisting At-Need families who have suffered the loss of a child and are unable to pay for Funeral Expenses. 

How to Apply

Death Care Professionals & Students

To apply for sponsorship from The Funeral Boss Nonprofit Foundation

Send us an essay that tells us your story and how the scholarship money would contribute to your long-term goals. 

Provide the following information for the areas that apply:

  1. How many Textbooks do you need? (amount & list classes)
  2. Provide the website link to purchase needed textbooks 
  3. Continued education course (CE requirements & registration site)
  4. Special Event Details (Course, Webinar, Convention, Association etc.)

Please make sure to share any deadlines for registrations or a start date.


 At-Need Families for Funeral Costs 

We know the loss of a child is one of the most devastating and life changing moments for a family. The Funeral Boss Nonprofit Foundation would like to help with the cost of Funeral Expenses. 

To receive our gift of donation please send us an email with the following information:

  1. Your Angels Name
  2. Your contact information 
  3. Date & time of Memorial or Interment
  4. Funeral Home we can make funds payable to
  5. Contact person at the Funeral Home 


Submit a submission form through our Contact tab 

 *Funds for the Foundation are made up of Donations, Sales & Tips through & Strategic Partnerships with Death Care Professionals and supporters.