Mortuary Monday

Hello Funeral Bosses,

Happy New Year! We have so many exciting things lined up for 2023, one of which is this daily newsletter. Introducing Mortuary Monday!

Each Monday we will share a story about a death care worker, mortuary student or Funeral Boss brand ambassador. Knowing each other better is sure to bring us all a little closer.

This week we are featuring Dana Halverson, a Licensed Funeral Director from Portland, Oregon.

How did you get into the Death Care Industry? "I was a preschool teacher but was always fascinated by the other end of life care. I've also always loved ritual and ceremony. One day, one of my favorite Mom's at the school who had been funeral directing for 15 years offered me an apprenticeship, so I gave it a chance. Getting to know this industry has been one of the most interesting and rewarding things I have ever done."

What is one of your goals? "My main goal is to continue to serve families with empathy and compassion with a deep consideration for social justice."